FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions) 


A FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I get a residence permit in Turkey (residence visa) if I buy a property?
Yes, when buying a property, the customer can obtain a residence permit for one or two years. so that
The owner of the property, whether the husband or the wife, can obtain a residence permit for children who are not
Under the age of eighteen, as well as the husband to his wife or vice versa, and this applies when obtaining
Turkish nationality.

2. Are there any restrictions for foreigners when buying a property in Turkey?
There are no restrictions for all nationalities, except for the Syrian nationality, which is subject to certain procedures.
3. Will the property ownership be free?

Yes, all real estate sold by us in Turkey is free to own without specifying a time period for ownership.
Contrary to what is happening in some other countries, the owner has the right to freely dispose of the property as a sale
In the event of obtaining Turkish citizenship, the owner has the right to sell after three years.

4. Can foreign companies buy real estate in Turkey?
Foreign companies can buy real estate in Turkey within certain procedures and conditions
Establishing a company in Turkey, so that a Turkish company can own immovable funds such as real estate
Easily, but within certain procedures.

5. Can my company establish an investment company in Turkey?
Yes, your company can establish an investment company in Turkey, but within the procedures and conditions of
Relevant government agencies.

6. Who sets the price of the property?
There are several factors that determine the price of the property: -
A. Location: in terms of proximity or distance from the city center, from transportation, and from places

Services from commercial markets, schools, and government departments.

B. The quality of the finishing in the building is either a normal finish or a Reese-deco finish (Or Deluxe).
Super Deluxe

C. Evaluation on the basis of the age of the property: In the case of comparing the valuation of properties on the basis of
The age of the property, the properties must be in the same area.

7. Can everyone sell real estate in Turkey?
If what is meant is: selling as a mediator, the answer is no, because the real estate companies who can sell are the real estate companies.
so licensed. But if the intent is: the sale from the owner of the property, then the answer is yes, the owners can
Real Estate Selling their real estate, unless obtaining Turkish citizenship is a result of owning the property,
Then the owner has the right to sell after three years.

8. What are the real estate agent service fees?
Being real estate consultants, we provide our consulting and marketing services to real estate developers and owners
Real estate directly, we do not take fees or commissions from the client on new properties.
But in the case of buying a resold property, the commission is 3% from the buyer.
9. Why should I use a real estate agent?
In the case of dealing with real estate owners or real estate developers, their interest is to sell their project

Ron the advantages of real estate regardless of whether it is suitable for the client or not, on the contrary, they will understand
For the purpose of selling. As for the real estate agent, his goal is customer satisfaction and increasing customer satisfaction through them in order to
Continuity of work. On the other hand, we are real estate consultants and deal with many
Real estate developers and real estate owners directly and therefore our interest is to find the best price
And discounts and features that suit our customers without any additional costs because our interest lies in the satisfaction of our customers.
our clients.

10. Can foreigners apply for a loan in Turkey?
Yes, foreigners can request a loan in Turkey, and it ranges from up to 50% of the value of the bank valuation.
for the drug.

11. What is a title deed or title deed?
The title deed is the same as the title deed, owned by the owner of the property, and it is inherited and is not subject to removal.

12. Do I need to obtain a residence permit?
To own a property in Turkey, you do not need to obtain a residence permit.

13. What is the common and common buying process in Turkey?
The purchase process in Turkey is divided into two types:
Or installments for a period ranging from two to six months.

a. For the ready-made property: cash

b. For real estate under construction: 35% down payment and the rest in installments after receipt according to the agreement.
But what distinguishes us is that, in some projects, installments can be made for several years, but with conditions in
If the property is identified and the intention to purchase is determined, then the details are presented to the customer.

14. What are the documents required to buy a property in Turkey?
Documents required for purchase: passport and tax number that can be extracted upon arrival of the customer for Turkey. 

15. What are the costs involved after buying real estate in Turkey?
The costs incurred after buying real estate in Turkey are the monthly returns for services and are
From 2-6 Turkish lira per square meter per month, according to the project.

16. Can I insure my real estate?
Yes, real estate can be secured in Turkey, and it has types and details that can be explained to the interested customer when buying.

17. What is the tax on real estate in Turkey?
The tax for owning residential real estate in Turkey is 1% and a symbolic annual tax. Or
The tax for owning commercial real estate in Turkey has reasons that can be explained to customers when buying.

18. Can I rent out my property?
Yes, your property can be rented at the urging of the supervision of an authorized party, and we can provide it
too. For those interested in buying, you can rent personally

19. What about Farsh Aqari?
We, as real estate consultants, offer our clients benefits and after-sales services, starting with the real estate furniture
Through the resale of the property. By obtaining Turkish citizenship if the conditions are met and their expiry date

20. What are the duration and costs of obtaining Turkish citizenship?
The duration of obtaining Turkish citizenship, if the conditions are met, ranges from 2-4 months, and the fees are:
Ranging from 3000-5000 Turkish liras.

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