Istanbul-European Side " E13-10 "

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

" E13-10 "


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The Basin Express highway is one of the most important real estate developments in Istanbul, especially in Turkey, where it is surrounded by the largest real estate investments in the city

One of the most important factors that give the Basin Express region great importance is the fact that the link between the E-5 and TEM roads that are vital modern roads, and they form a transport hub in and around Istanbul.

Basin Express In Istanbul, The Basin Express road is one of the most important real estate axises in Istanbul, Basin Express region occupies a prestigious position among the classiest areas of Istanbul Europe. The region has attracted attention with its rapid growth in the real estate market in Istanbul and has been given top priority within the strategic plan of the Greater Istanbul Municipality.


Our project contains different needs Being 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 planned to respond It hosts a total of 211 flats.

  • fitness room

  • • 360 Landscapes

  • • Floor to Ceiling

  • Extending Glasses

  • • High ceiling

  • • Warehouse

  • • Car park

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Bağcılar is a working class suburban district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is located behind Bahçelievler on the Europe a side of the city, between the two major ring roads, the TEM and the D100 (once officially E5)

  • Metro Station 20 m

  • Ataturk Airport 7 km

  • 3rd Airport 20 km

  • TEM and E-5 Connection

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