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is a large middle class residential suburb of Istanbul, Turkey, on the European side of the city. It is accessible from the D.100 that runs from the Istanbul airport to the Asian side of the city, covers 5% of Istanbul's land area and is home to over 570,000 people.

Some districts of Bahçelievler – such as Bahçelievler, Basın Sitesi and Yayla – are well lit, with tree-lined avenues of attractive buildings and small parks, big shopping centers, cinemas and many small cafés

Our The project is distinguished by its central location in the Bahçelievler district, which is no more than five minutes away from the E5 highway

There is also a TRAMVAY station right next to the main entrance (kabataş line)

The area surrounding the project is characterized by its family-style bahçelievler area with all its needs of commercial centers (kale center . Marmara forum)


Close to : /

For government hospitals (bahçelievler devlet hastanesi. Bakırköy devlet hastanesi)

and private hospitals (ethica. memorial)


(yıldız teknik üniversitesi. Yeni yüzyıl üniversitesi) (kültür üniversitesi. Arel üniversitesi. Aydın üniversitesi)

In addition to a large number of local schools for all grade levels.

Features :/

The project also has an investment character as it is part of the old Istanbul reconstruction plan.. It is located between two lands belonging to large construction companies, meaning that within three years the area will move from one stage to another completely, which will positively affect the value of the property in it.

The project extends over a total area of ​​66000 square meters

and ten buildings

The percentage of green spaces and water bodies within the project is more than 65%

The project is divided into three construction phases:/

  1. The first phase was recently delivered, and it consists of five buildings

  2. The second phase, which consists of three buildings, will be delivered on 01/2022

  3. The final phase of the project will be delivered on 04/2022 and it consists of two buildings.

The project contains various options (1+1 , 1.5+1 , 2+1 , 2.5+1 , 3+1 ,3.5+1 , 4.5+1)

In addition to the home office The project contains 19 commercial units

The project is distinguished by the distinguished services it provides to its clients,

which are in two parts:/

  • The first section (tennis court, football field, indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna and steam rooms, in addition to the gym “included in the proceeds”)

  • The second section is the fold home system. Which contains (guest suite, squash court, private soccer field, private basketball court, private gym and exercise room, cinema and activities rooms, banquet hall, and dining hall)

The resident, whether a renter or owner, can enjoy privacy and luxury with all the services mentioned extending throughout Istanbul with its Asian and European sections

Price Lists:/


50 % down payment

50 %on delivery

10% installment discount

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