Istanbul European Side "E16-12"

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Project Code E16-12

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Bahçeşehir; Istanbul’s Gateway to Europe, a unique location at a central

intersection of roads and transport, with its value growing higher by the day. On

one side lies the new Istanbul Airport, the largest in Europe. On the other lies

Istanbul’s hotly-anticipated new strait. This area, which connects the new

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge with western istanbul, is a modern, large city with an

ever-growing population.

Our Project offers you a special opportunity close to the centre of Bahçeşehir, within walking distance of its attractions and amenities. Here, you can build your life without leaving the heart of the city!

Only 20 minutes away from Istanbul’s third airport, the largest in


TEM Highway

Metro Line


O-6 O-6 Highway

Metro Line

(Under Construction*)



• Indoor swimming pool,

• Male and Female Sauna,

• Male and Female Massage Rooms,

• Fitness Hall,

• Pilates Hall,

• Cafeteria,

• Children's play area,


• Mini Basketball court

• Children's play area,

• Ornamental pools.

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Ready To Move

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