Istanbul European Side "E26-10"

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Project Code E26-10


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Topkapı is a part of the district of Fatih, lies in the west end of Fatih district, under the ancient city walls

Directly to your home from the E-5 ring road, which is the heart of urban transportation.

It has an entrance that allows you to enter. Again with your vehicle

Anatolia with the Eurasia Tunnel, which you can reach in a few minutes.

It's only 10 minutes to get to the Side.

Fast transportation alternatives without getting stuck in traffic

If you want to use; Davutpaşa YTU and Merter metro

station, Cevizlibağ metrobus station and Cevizlibağ

It is also within walking distance of the tram stop.

In addition to land and air transportation alternatives, the Bosphorus

If you want to travel with a unique view, the sea

buses and ferries are right next to you.

Zincirlikuyu 15 km

Taksim 12 km

Eminönü 8.8 km

Ataköy 7.8 km

İstanbul Airport 45 km

Shopping Malls :/

  1. Forum İstanbul 5.4 km

  2. Marmara Forum AVM 5 km

  3. A Plus AVM 8 km

  4. Capacity 6.9 km

  5. Metroport AVM 5.7 km

  6. Axis İstanbul 4.5 km

  7. Starcity Outlet AVM 11 km

  8. Mall of İstanbul 13 km


From smart homes that benefit more from post-pandemic technology,

antibacterial materials used indoors and providing hygiene,

from elevator doors that reduce contact to zero, neutralize bacteria

Everything from ultraviolet lights to yourself in your home

• The heating system can also be operated outside the house at the last temperature level left by the mobile phone.

can be turned on and off remotely.

• Via mobile phone in the living room and master bedroom in 2+1 houses, and in the living room in 1+1 houses.

The air conditioner can be turned on and off from anywhere with a mobile phone.

• When you are out of the house, the electricity in any part of the house can be cut off remotely with a mobile phone.

For example, when you think that you forgot the plug of the iron in the socket, the refrigerator or washing machine

It will be possible to cut off the electricity outside the rooms where the devices to be operated such as:/

• The playground will be displayed on the video panel inside the house.

• In case of fire and water leakage, the system provides security to both the security and the phone of the flat owner.

will inform.

• Meeting with the site management via the video panel, messaging, failure notification and follow-up.

topics can be made.

Price List:/

Ready To move

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